Armorlite is a complete replacement floor system for the Jeep Wrangler JK model vehicles. Its layered design offers unsurpassed durability, a patented water-drainage system, heat and noise insulation and a laser-measured fit. It is easy to install and even easier to clean. It will be available in multiple colors and patterns (new patterns available in mid-2020)

Armorlite eliminates the need for floor mats and covers the entire floor of your vehicle. Floor mats should not be used in conjunction with Armorlite.

The water-repellent floor is designed to channel water directly to the existing factory drain holes in the floor of your Jeep Wrangler. The unique plug design lets water out, without letting it in.

Armorlite is a layered product made from nonwoven thermoplastic (TPO) material that features a proprietary thermoplastic blend top-coat finish that outperforms all other flooring types in industry certified durability and wear testing. The underlayment material is made of a durable, water resistant polyester.

Armorlite is currently only available for the Jeep Wrangler JK vehicles. Additional Jeep Wrangler models will be available in late 2020, with additional vehicle options in the future. Armorlite is produced by Auria – a global supplier of automotive flooring and acoustical materials – and is part of a family of flooring products produced by Auria and supplied to all the world’s major car and heavy truck producers, including Jeep factory floors.  Auria floor and interior products date back to the Ford Model T.

Armorlite launched in February 2020, after 18 months of development and on-trail and on-road testing. A series of engineers and trail experts provided feedback as part of the beta program to help bring Armorlite to market.

Never use mats, carpets, or any other covers over Armorlite.

Armorlite is built with a thermal insulator layer. This insulator layer is designed to shield the passenger cabin from common hot spots that can occur under extreme off-road driving conditions, while offering inherent acoustical benefits that quiet the cabin.

The line of available styles, colors and patterns are available on each product page. For updates on new styles, products and other information, follow us on social media, or subscribe to our e-newsletter (HERE).

Leaky Jeeps are common. In some cases, water can find its way between Armorlite and the sheet metal floor. That’s why Armorlite is made of a 100% polyester underlayment. It prevents mold and mildew and in most cases, water will evaporate. If the floor becomes saturated underneath under rare, extreme conditions such as being completely submerged in water, then remove, air dry and reinstall.

Armorlite does not provide an absolute water tight fit in the vehicle. Vehicle submersion, water from roof leaks wicking down the sheet metal, and spray entering from aggressive angles can lead to water seeping under the Armorlite flooring products. Drying times vary depending on climate and levels of saturation. Scratches and abrasions in the paint (i.e. exposed sheet metal) on the floors must be addressed prior to installing Armorlite as unpainted sheet metal exposed to moisture can lead to surface rust.

In most cases, yes. The Armorlite flooring is designed to follow the factory sheet metal surface, but if the spray-in-liner is a heavy/dense material, there would be a risk of poor fit for the Armorlite floor

Yes, compared to the factory installed flooring, or any other floor replacement systems, Armorlite’s insulation provides full coverage and will keep cold from penetrating into the cabin and will help to keep heat in. Armorlite flooring also offers the best thermal insulation (350˚F threshold) against heat transfer from the engine, transmission and exhaust through the floor.

No, the bottom insulator layer is made of 100% polyester insulator, it resists mold and mildew and its fibers do not absorb water. Therefore, it dries quickly and eliminates the issue of smelly, moldy carpet.

No, Armorlite is designed to block heat of any kind from entering the cabin, therefore, it does not absorb heat from the cabin environment. Our best option if you are still concerned about heat absorption from the sun would be our lighter shade, desert khaki. Both colors meet the rigorous sun-fade testing standards of the automotive OEM industry.  

Armorlite has many advantages compared to any spray-in liner. Comparison information can be found in our easy to read comparison chart.

Yes. We are going to be introducing full cargo kits that will include wheel arch, load floor and seatback coverings. These products are under development but we do not yet have an entry date. Stay updated on our product launches by signing up for our email list on our home page.

The rear cargo mat features a living hinge on both outboard edges, which allows it to swing open when the load floor cargo door is opened and closed. There is also cutout lines on the cargo mat that can be used instead if that is the preference. Please note that any cutting of the floor will void the warranty. 

Yes, the thermal insulator layer provides acoustical insulation, stopping road, engine and tire noise from entering the vehicle.

Old Fort, North Carolina, USA.

Products that carry the Armorlite brand will always be made in the USA. Products that complement our core Armorlite brand products, like the wheelhouse storage bin, meet the Armorlite standard for quality and durability, but are made in other locations around the world, and often including the USA.

Armorlite is made of strong durable materials and will only cut when force is applied with the correct tools. For example, you can forcibly cut it to fit around a lockbox or subwoofer. Please note any cutting of the floor will void warranty.

It would help to know what model year JK you have so we can check against the engineering data. Please send a message to our customer service team. 


No. Armorlite is designed for easy installation and requires minimal tools. Detailed Installation Instructions and the tools required can be located on our installation page. Installation can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the type of vehicle.

Armorlite is designed for easy installation and requires minimal tools. Instructions for installation and the tools requied are available on our installation page. Installation can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the type of vehicle.

To install the Armorlite flooring minimal tools are required such as a Philips and/or Torx screwdriver, standard flathead screwdriver, rachet or socket set. Please refer to the specific installation guide for your product here to see a list of tools that are required. Gloves are recommended. To install the Armorlite cargo liner scissors or a pocket knife are optional.

 One person can install the Armorlite floor system.

Yes. The factory carpet is designed to be removed from all Jeep models. Armorlite is designed for easy installation and requires minimal tools. Both print and video instructions for installation are available on our installation page.

Removal of the factory floor and installation of Armorlite should require no more than 2-4 hours, depending on the model of your Jeep Wrangler. You can also save and store the factory floor in the Armorlite reusable shipping box.

The cargo mat is an easy install. The cargo mat is simply placed over the cargo area. Do no remove carpet. You can find full installation instructions here

The cargo mat lies on top of the factory carpet, there is no need to remove the carpet in the cargo area before installing the mat. However, if your carpet is already removed the cargo mat can be placed on top of the factory sheet metal, but please note your wheel wells will not be covered.

Just like your factory carpet, Armorlite tucks under all plastic trim both inboard and outboard. The replacement floor is made to fit the sheet metal surface like a glove.

We have had a number of customers successfully install the Armorlite flooring with a lockbox installed. Armorlite flooring could be compatible with most lockboxes. The compatibility will depend on how close the lockbox is to the flooring. It is recommended to remove the seat where the lockbox is installed when removing the factory flooring and installing the Armorlite flooring. If the lockbox does not fit correctly there might be a need to use industrial scissors to cut the floor to fit around the lockbox. Please note cutting of the floor will void the warranty of your flooring.

Armorlite is designed for easy installation, seats do not need to be removed. Please see installation guide for further details.

Yes, remove the “factory” drain plugs only for the corresponding plugs provided. Some Jeep models have additional drain plugs. This depends on the model year of your vehicle, please see installation guide for further details.

First ensure that the posts in the center console are not bent over or deformed.
Secondly check that the Armorlite floor is tucked under the secondary center console trim.  
If neither of these options work, please visit our customer support page and fill out the customer support form

Yes. Armorlite is designed to fit like factory carpet.


Armorlite is designed for easy cleaning. Simply remove the drain plugs and use a garden hose to wash out each area of your floor. Water is recommended, but mild cleaning solutions can also be used.  Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleansers.

No, Armorlite is designed to be left in the vehicle for cleaning, however, it can be removed, if preferred.

Mild soaps used for washing your car can be used to clean your Armorlite floor.

To ensure your vehicle fully dry’s when submerged in water, simply remove, air dry and reinstall.


To find a dealer near you to assist with the purchase and/or installation visit our dealer locator.

Yes and at specific Jeep Jamboree USA and other off-road events.

No, we are however offering  $25 flat rate ground shipping on qualified orders. There may be some exceptions requiring additional shipping fees depending on freight distances.

See our instructional video, or download and print the instructions found on our installation page.

Our customer service team can assist you. Please visit our support page and fill out the form provided. 

At this time, we only offer front flooring separately. If you have already purchased front flooring for the JK two door and are interested in purchasing rears please fill out the customer support form

For a limited time, we will offer the rear flooring as a separate “add-on” purchase for those who have previously purchased only the front flooring for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door, prior to its availability as a full kit.

We offer a first responder / military discount to all first responders, active military and veterans.  Please email us at for details.

We are offering a third- party payment through Affirm. At checkout select Affirm as your payment option. You will then be redirected to Affirm's website where you will enter your information and select a payment plan that works for you upon approval.

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Any questions about payments, eligibility, etc. you will need to contact Affirm directly at

Visit and fill out a contact form. A team member will review it and provide you more information about shipment.

Returns for items purchased with Affirm are always subject to Armorlites return policy. If you qualify for a return, and a refund is authorized Affirm will credit your loan balance for the refund. Visit Affirm help center for any other refund questions.


No. We currently only ship within the 48 contiguous United States, P.O Boxes excluded. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is available upon request but will require additional charges and fees. If you are interested in purchasing Armorlite flooring to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, please contact customer service

We do not currently ship to Canada. Please continue following us on social media for updates or sign-up for our mailing list on our homepage.

Our customer support team can help you. Please visit our support page and fill out the form provided.

We do not currently ship to PO Boxes at this time.

Our current box size is approximately 44 × 17 × 24 in 

Our customer support team can help you. Please visit our support page and fill out the form provided.


Our Returns policy page provides full return details. If you have further questions please visit our support page and fill out the form provided.

For approved return claims Armorlite will pay for standard ground shipping.


You can submit a claim by visiting our support page and filling out the form provided. Please review the warranty policy before you submit a claim.

Upon submitting a Warranty claim the process could take up to 4-8 business days to come up with a resolution. Visit the warranty page for full details

If the warranty claim is approved, customer will be provided with a replacement product. See warranty policy for full details.

To submit a claim visit the support page and fill out the form provided. You will need to provide date of purchase, name, purchaser email address, phone number and pictures as proof of claim.

Armorlite offers a limited lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship. Warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferrable. Visit the warranty page for full details

Yes. Upon approval of claim we will ship you a replacement product at no cost.

Certain common sense damages to the product are NOT covered by this limited lifetime warranty:
• intentional damage;
• damage resulting from an accident;
• unreasonable use or neglect;
• improper service, installation, or removal;
• damage resulting from product modifications;
• damage to product prior to installation; and
• damage, fading or discoloration from excessive wear and tear and/or excessive exposure.

The warranty does not cover labor costs.

If you must modify or cut Armorlite flooring in any way to fit with your aftermarket additions, the warranty will be voided. 


Your question and concerns are important to us.  We currently do not have a service number, but if you could kindly submit a form we will be happy to assist.